AirMaster Series

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AirMaster Series- A closed space, most obviously air-conditioned; has a tendency to develop stale air. More the amount of users, staler the air becomes. Stale air is the invisible enemy of health and hygiene, because of its contaminating gases and pathogen. They are contributed by those users who share that space.
The space could be as big as a convention hall or an office floor, or as small as a bedroom or a closet in it. It can be a store room or a Kitchen cabinet at home, too; the AirMaster effectively vanishes stale and smelly air from there and recharges it with clean and fresh air. AirMaster sits and fits into a place most unused and un-hindering to space users.
AirMaster comes in various capacities that suits its application. Nevertheless, it can be cascaded to meet larger capacity.
Where can AirMaster be used?
• Air-conditioned Gathering hall
• Air-conditioned Office hall and meeting rooms and cabins.
• Air-conditioned apartments and Bed rooms for sensitive people.
• Concealer furniture (Wardrobes, Kitchen cabinets, TV/Refrigerator/Microwave concealer units)
• And all those closed spaces likely to develop unfavourable inner ambiance.