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1, AirBow Series- AirBow series deals with Toilets, irrespective of its type or make, eastern or western, with open or concealed plumbing, existing or new, at home or across the globe. The ultimate aim is to make it perpetually odour free. Moreover; to make it an energy saver, water saver, toilet cleaner saver, toilet freshener saver and ‘toilet saver’, too. And for all of this, it does not call for any modification to any part/ section of the existing toilet system, but a replacement for an exhaust fan or duct.

Its installation is easy and quick. A local plumber can do it. Some of its variants are even DIY friendly too. By making the toilet odour free alone, the toileting experience is improved dramatically. It really adds immense value to expensive toilets and effectiveness to budget toilets. Since there is no odour, use of cleaning and freshener chemicals are habitually diminished. This, helps to reduce contamination of water bed and high skies.

In the Indian scenario, where the toilets have maximum chances of being wet, are cleansed and fumigated automatically so to arrest probable development of ambient pathogens, and further to arrest contamination of not only the ambience but the toiletry articles that come in its contact. Practically every toilet in domestic, commercial and industrial environment, of private, common, community or public nature, is a potential adopter of the AirBow. On a bizarre note, just by introducing it to any toilet, the footfall into it increases greatly, so the town planners are left with an option to plan less number of toilets for a population under consideration. By deploying it, an architect not only can take the freedom to do away with an exhaust fan, exhaust duct or expensive ventilation system, but also a louver or window in toilet that is opening to outside, which otherwise was essential. The windows, which ventilate less air but ingress more of dust, insects and rodents.

This way, by making public toilets odour free and green, the problem of Open defecation and health issues to innocent society as its ill effect, would curb to a great extent. It is a small contribution of Wayusaka towards the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.