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Welcome to Wayusaka Innovations


Wayusaka Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has a focused area of Ambiance Transportation.

Air that makes an ambiance around us is very much responsible for its amicability. So by transporting ‘Airs’ among desired spaces, Wayusaka Products makes a desired space to deserve.

Wayusaka products are always made with Simplicity, minimality and brilliance; and importantly they address the masses. Social impact and good business is two-fold motto of the company. Therefore, Wayusaka is primarily touching individual being at home, at work place, at social gatherings and even on streets.

A journey envisaged is long, and multi-destinal; en-route. It has begun in year 2016 towards its first destination. And it is to provide solution for an age old, every day, universal problem of smell and smelly toilets or lavatory.

Wayusaka Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is nurtured at a SINE, IIT-B.

Broad spectrum of business areas for products of today and tomorrow


Wayusaka has product range for Air handling devices for compact spaces, like Washroom, Toilets, small Cabins, Kitchen Closets, Wardrobes, etc. The main purpose of these products is to remove stale, smelly, hot and unhygienic air trapped due to lack of proper convection of air within such spaces. There could be circumstantial, technical or behavioural reasons for it. Despite the circumstances, a dedicated range of ‘Hygienator’ transforms these spaces into fresh, healthy and welcoming.


Indoor spaces always force to install air conditioning system. The AC system, on one hand make the air cool; but on other hand ‘Stale and unhygienic; especially there where traffic of people (visitors) is more. An innovative product range of ‘Air cleanser’ kips such areas (offices, conference rooms and chambers, public gathering hall etc) circulated with fresh air without disturbing the achieved comfort of the indoor ambiance. The products in this range are scalable for size of spaces.


The area, where open/outdoor spaces are required to make soothing and comfortable for people or passer-by; Wayusaka has innovative and effective product range of ‘Trash Mast’. It ensures the greenhouse gases emitted by the roadside trash bins or yards, are captured, treated and released overhead.