Innovative Design

We believe in innovation which solves the problems of today. Our products are all never before seen innovations which will revolutionize the field of air health.


We are one of the select few startups to be incubated by SINE IIT-B. That stands as a testimony to the quality of our product and team.

Designed for all

Our products can be used by everyone - ranging from consumers to corporates to governments.

Easily Deployable

Our products can be installed seamlessly without having to change your existing structure. A simple replacement for an exhaust fan.

About Us

Wayusaka Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a company resolved to focus on the distinct field of Air trafficking and related innovations. The motive of the company is to bring out innovative products which will address day to day challenges we face, knowingly or unknowingly. Since health is everything, and air being an important element which affects it, Wayusaka products deal with the ‘Air’ that surrounds us; all.
Thus the presence of Wayusaka is required - indoors, at home, at work, at school, at hospital, or outdoors; even on streets. Because, unfortunately, we humans have muddled and deteriorated the air around ourselves, and made it less useful as nature intended it to be.
Wayusaka products smartly take away adulterated air, and cleverly replace it with clean and fresh air. This explains our motto; ‘Trafficking Air Smartly’. Wayusaka Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has three areas of interest, viz. WaSH, Attended Nursing and Spaces. WaSH is (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) a program initiated by UNICEF, which mainly deals with ‘Toilet’.
In this area, Wayusaka has a flagship product that makes a Toilet perpetually odour free and Environmentally Green. ‘AirBow’ and ‘SternBow’ are the series in which many useful products are presented to choose. In Attended Nursing, Wayusaka is bringing in products for toddlers, bed ridden senior citizens and people on wheel chair. In the area of Spaces, Wayusaka is bringing in products to handle air from places which are small and compact like cabinets, to big places such as the open outdoors.

Amazing Features

What makes us stand out in this space.

No more odour

With our AirBow , you will no longer have to endure obnoxious smelling air. We guarantee clean odour free air.

Built to be Ready

It can fit in with your existing structure and you dont need to alter anything at all

Unique Design

We have created a simple yet aesthetic design which is non obtrusive yet efficient.

Clean Air

While our products work to eliminate odour, they will also eliminate useless particulate matter from the air as well.

Our Team

Meet the people behind the product. They are a team of highly motivated, exceptionally talented people who are relentless in their passion for innovation and excellence.

Bipin Lokhande
Head of Design and Engineering.

Nagraj Jain
Head of Sales and Marketing.

Sanjeev Nahar
Market Development Head.

Binita Lokhande
Head of Operations & Production.


Connect with us.

321, IITB-Monash Research Academy, IIT-B Campus, Powai, Mumbai-400 076